Well, as most of you guys already know, I'm a huge fan of everything bohemian when it comes to clothes and jewelry. So I was pretty thrilled about these bracelets when they arrived. The company is named POM POM and it's a rising jewelry brand from Copenhagen, offering incredibly cute bracelets and necklaces made out off only the highest quality materials, such as sterling silver, 24K gold plated seed beads, vermeil, silk and gemstones . The design is somehow simple and effortless but still very feminine and delicate. When I first stumbled upon POM POM it immediately made me think of Sri Lanka and now that I'm finally here, it kinda feels like the pieces were actually designed based on the Singhalese culture. I know that the designers were actually inspired by Bali, but the little animal pendants and the bright and intense colors fit perfectly to this Sri Lanka. Both remind me of the colorful street markets in Colombo, the beautiful wildlife and the great variety of landscapes which this country has to offer. It's all about positive vibes over here and the design of the jewelry underlines that perfectly. The company offers a wide range of different products and it was quite hard to decide which one to pick for my favorites gallery haha. But I tried my best to give you a little overview about all of their beautiful products. And by the way, my whole outfit is by Zara! Except the sunnies, which I bought at a Vero Moda store. You'll hear from me asap! xx


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Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed Christmas timet to the fullest! I'm a total Christmas fan and I already bought all of my presents weeks ago when the temperatures were still summery and warm haha. To me, it's an even greater feeling to give presents than to receive them. I just love to sit down and think about what a person would like the most and to figure out which present I'm gonna get them. So if you have been looking for a perfect gift (obviously not for Christmas 2016), here we go. I teamed up with JORD, a label for luxury watches made out of sapphire glass mixed with different types of wood . The materials range from bamboo, maple, olive, koa and rosewood until golden camphor and sandalwood. And they have even more to offer. All products have a very high quality, are hand-crafted and can be personalized by engraving the watch box and sizing the watch right when you purchase it. The designs are very variously and there is definitely one for every taste. JORD stands for premium timepieces that are modeled after a modern and sustainable lifestyle. A very inspiring and suitable quote for describing the sprit of JORD can be found on their website: "The value of a watch is not being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time."


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Today's blogpost is going to be less personal than the last ones. It's more about my personal preferences when it comes to styling and a little bit of self-expression. A few months ago I first started wearing jewelry more often and not only for special occasions, but also with my everyday outfit. My style is very simple and tends to look a bit masculine, so I figured I wanted to dress it all up a little without adding extraordinary and super fancy clothes to my wardrobe (which I probably wouldn't wear anyway). I enjoy getting ready and dressing up for parties or a night out with friends, but in my daily grind I like it basic and I feel the most comfortable when I'm wearing my chunky boots and an oversized sweater. So I usually go for that. But since this kind of style tends to look a bit boring I began to add rings, watches or earrings. Nothing to special, but still a little eye catcher. On my last trip to Mexico I bought a bunch of silver jewelry and I can't go out without wearing some of them anymore! I got so used to the feeling of having a few rings on my hands and since my fingers are extremely skinny, I usually don't find my size in Germany. So I'm still looking for pretty rings in size 48 which neither coast a lot nor look like crab and if you have any tips or recommendations, please let me know. But until that I'm buying rings which I can wear on my middle or trigger finger, which I like to do as well. So here a some of my current faves by Christ, I hope you like them! And by the way,  the pictures you see above are all taken from Weheartit since my detail shots didn't turn out as well as I expected them to :D 


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