Hello my friends - it's been a while! I just got ready for a night out and finally managed to finish this article. As some of you might already know, I've been on a short vacation in Tel Aviv with a friend of mine who is working as a flight attendant by Lufthansa. She asked me if I had time and was interested in joining her on her short city trip, and of course I said yes. It was super spontaneous, but as Tel Aviv was on the top of my "must-visit" city list, I didn't really think about it and just told her to book my flight (gooooood decision). We arrived there super late - or early - at around 4am on Sunday and went straight to the hotel to get some sleep. We had quite a strikt and busy schedule because we wanted to make the most out of our short stay. So we got up at around 10am and got ready for breakfast by the beach. Our hotel, the InterContinental David Tel Aviv, was located very close to the beach and we even had a room with ocean view - is there anything better than waking up late, opening the curtains, and looking out on the sea? 



So after a 5min walk to the beach, we spotted a cute little beach bar called Banana Beach and decided to have breakfast there. My friend Yvonne went for some fresh Greek salad with feta cheese, an omelette with warm pita and some dips, and I had a bowl filled with hummus (love!), two poached eggs and a tomato salsa. After that, we continued our walk on the beach barefoot. It felt so good to finally be back at the ocean again! We walked there for hours in the heat and had several fresh fruit and vegetable juices to stay hydrated. In the afternoon, we continued our walk to the old town of Tel Aviv (Jaffa), wich is even more beautiful than the modern district of the city. It really reminded me of some medieval movies mixed with a fairy tale of 1001 nights. We loved this place so much that we even decided to have dinner somewhere in Jaffa. Before that, we went back to the hotel to take a quick shower and dress up a little, since Israeli people turned out to look hella good and also dress kinda well plus we were super sweaty and probably smelt like we hadn't showered in a month. OK maybe to much information given here... Then, after our little make over, we walked along the seaside to watch an amazing sunset and to take some pictures. 



A lot of people were still surfing, playing frisbee or table tennis by the beach (without tables tho...), or simply enjoyed the evening with their loved ones. The atmosphere was very chilled, peacefully and harmoniously; it was hard to believe that a few hours away in Jerusalem there were terroristic attacks and riots going on. As the sun set, we found a cute little Greek restaurant in Jaffa called Kalamata, where we decided to spend our (first and last) evening in Tel Aviv. If you ever come to this city, please check out this restaurant, it's so tiny and cozy and romantic at the same time! Our evening was filled with big wine glasses, huge amounts of super delicious food and laughters till my belly hurt. Our flight back home to Munich left very early on next morning and Yvonne was having a cold, so we didn't go out partying, but we still had a great night and even though my energy level was down to zero when I came back home, the trip was totally worth it. I really hope to be able to visit this beautiful city again very soon! It somehow reminded me of Dubai mixed with Barcelona and you know how much I love these two cities! And a big THANK YOU to my friend Yvonne for making this short getaway even possible; I really hope to have you as a travel buddy for more trips! xx