As you guys know, I went to Ibiza a little while ago for a short summer getaway. The island is super pretty and the people were extremely friendly and very openminded. I had quite a nice stay and especially one evening was rather different from the others. I met with Aida Matei to shoot some bikini pictures by the sea during sunset and even though it was very though shooting (a day later, I felt the worst soreness you can imagine), the pictures turned out absolutely amazing. So once again, Thank You Aida (and Ibizaphotostory) for your time and patience. I love your work! 




The brand we were shooting for is named KINI Swimwear, a bikini brand quite different from any others. Kini Swimwear offers you the possibility to design your very own swimwear. Your pattern, your fit, your color. Nowadays, there are a lot of high quality swimwear brands on the market, but none of them allows their customers to design their own bikini, which is honestly so much fun! I really enjoyed thinking about the design and the color etc. and I couldn't wait to finally receive it. And to wear it at the beach of course! So first of all, you choose a style (like "Triangle", "Bandeau", ...) and after that you decide which shape your pants should have.



In the next step you decide which color and pattern your Kini should have and which fabric it should be made of. You can also add buckles, frills or side ties to it. Once you are done, you are ready to order! And if your not such a creative person or simply don't want to design the swimwear all by yourself, you can shop pre-designed bikinis. KINI offers a wide range of styles and a sizing guide to help you find the perfect bikini for your body type. I went for the "Slide Triangle" top and the "Skinny" pants, both in the color "Metallic Grey"  withs some frills to make it look a little bit more special since the color and the cut is very simple. I love the fit of it and the material feels very soft and comfortable on the skin! Even if this wasn't a collaboration, I would definitely recommend their products! Down below, I put a little gallery together with all of my favorite pre-designed bikinis. Happy shopping my loves! xx


In collaboration with KINI Swimwear & Aida Matei / Ibizaphotostory