My go to outfit for a an effortless and cool everyday look? A pair of skinny blue jeans, a white basic t-shirt, some black leather boots and a black leather jacket. The most important thing about such a minimalistic and simple look is the high quality of your clothes, especially of the shoes and the jacket. I'm not a fan of synthetic leather and that's why I only buy real leather jackets and boots. In my opinion, imitation leather tends to look cheap and worn out after a little while. Real leather jackets however will look even better the longer you wear them, so they are definitely worth the higher price. I used to wear a leather jacket by Allsaints (here) and I was very happy with the quality, but I wanted to have another one, even more "biker-style" kinda jacket. So when I heard that BODA SKINS was launching an event at the Soho House in Berlin, I decided to come and join them.  



The event was super funny and I also met some other bloggers like Milena and Laura. Even the chief designer, founder and CEO of BODA SKINS, Nathan Alexander, was attendant. We had some drinks and talked about his new collection, the materials and their upcoming events. I tried one a few designs and decided to purchase the LUNA jacket (shop here) with my initials written on the inside - I mean... how cool is that? I love personalized stuff! And the jacket also came with one protective and one care spray to impregnate and clean the jacket. The leather is super soft (it's the same kind of leather that is used for the Chanel Flap Bags) and it feels very gentle and soft on the skin. They also sell a lot of other designs and it took forever to decide which one to take, but I'm very happy with my decision and I'm wearing my LUNA nearly every day. They just dropped a new jacket in collaboration with Devon Dejardin, which is super cool and edgy! So if you're still looking for the perfect leather jacket, you should definitely take a look at their website. The jackets are absolutely worth the money! xx