Hello peeps! Here's another post about my weekend in Barcelona in which I'm telling you more about my stay in this beautiful city. On the second day, we went to "La Barceloneta", a neighborhood near to the sea with tons of restaurants and bars close to the beach. It's one of my favorite districts of the city and especially during summer it's a great place to spend the day in the sun. But before we did a little shopping, we had breakfast at a cute little café called "OMA". I went for a french toast, eggs benedict and a cold-pressed green juice. It was sooo delicious! You should definitely try out this spot when you're in Barca (: Oh, and you should also visit Brunch & Cake, a super cute café offering the most beautiful dishes. Only looking at their pictures on Instagram is mouthwatering... 



Another cool spot (also for food) is "Arenas de Barcelona". It's a shopping mall shaped like a bullring, but the coolest part of it is the rooftop. For 1€ only you can take the lift up to the top of the building. The view from up there is amazing and there are also a bunch of restaurants. Close to the mall, there's the "Parc de Montjuic", a beautiful park with a giant building that looks like a palace from a Disney Movie. In the evening, they have water and light shows in huge fountains, accompanied by classical music. Unfortunately, we didn't made it to the show this time... Anyways, our afternoon spent in the park was super nice and I can highly recommend you to visit this pretty location. 


On Sunday, we actually wanted to go to the aquarium located in the harbor. It's Europe's largest aquarium and it's said to be a very cool experience to visit this place, but the line was soooo extremely long that we decided to do a bus tour instead (which by the way turned out to be the better alternative). We saw a lot of cool spots and sights and learned a lot of new things about the history of this beautiful city. And the weather was also not the best, so I really enjoyed the tour through the city in a vehicle and not by foot. On our last day, we decided to walk up to the "Park Güell" designed by Antoni Gaudí back in 1914. The park is super pretty and contains a lot of cool and special architecture, but sadly the tickets were sold out this day. So we could only see little of the green area (and could't take those fancy "view over Barca" pica haha). So as you can tell, there are definitely a few reasons to come back soon! xx