Hi there guys! Here's the first blogpost from my weekend in Spain. I went there with my parents (my sister had to study) to celebrate my mum's and my own birthday. We couldn't really celebrate them on the actual dates, so we figured we would do that on the upcoming weekend. My mum has never been to Barcelona before, and since it's almost kind of a family tradition to do a city trip during spring, we decided to go to Barcelona this year. It was a rather spontaneous decision and unfortunately it was only for four days, but that's still enough time to explore the city. Our flight left on Friday morning and as soon as we arrived in Barcelona, we checked in to our hotel Villa Emilia and changed our outfits into something more summery. Maybe we should have skipped the latter... It was quite windy and cold tho, but at least the sun was shining! So here are some outfit details for those of you who have been asking me (:



My shoes, the pair of blue jeans and my shirt are all from Zara, the bag is from Sassyclassy, the glasses are from Amazon, and the leather jacket is from Bodaskins. You will see me wearing this jacket for sure in more upcoming blogposts; it's one of my favorite pieces I have bought so far! Anyways, after we got ready, we walked down La Rambla, which is the longest shopping mile ih whole Europe. You can find a lot of small boutiques, newspaper stands, fruit sellers, flower shops, cafés and bigger shops on this street. In one of the side streets, there's the so called Plaça Reial, which is probably one of the prettiest spots in the entire city. It's a square surrounded by beautiful architecture, palm trees, adorned fountains and tons of restaurants and bars. It's definitely a "must-see" when you're in Barcelona!


After that, we moved on to the next sight, called Mercat de la Boqueria, which is the most popular market hall of the city. They sell mainly fruit (very cheap & so delicious!), fresh fish, meat, veggies, spices and sweets. Some of the stands also offer tapas and other snacks and local dishes. I love markets and of course I wanted to take some cool pictures, but when I pulled out my camera, my phone fell out of my bag and boooooom - smashed into 4682929 tiny little pieces. The screen is fully broken and I can't even see the pictures I post in a good quality haha... I really need to get it fixed asap! I also scratched my camera on the same day... Oh boy, what a great way to celebrate your birthday!




I was obviously not in the best mood after all of this happened to me, and the only way to make me feel better again is - you guessed it - good food. So we went to Flax & Kale, a restaurant offering mainly healthy food with raw veggie options and delicious cold pressed-juices. The interior was already super pretty, but the rooftop terrace was KILLING IT. They even planted greens, veggies and herbs in a little garden up there. The food was also very good and fresh, maybe a bit pricy, but still ok for a big city. By the way, Barcelona is a very cheap city when it comes to restaurants and cafés! And the quality is always very high, that's why we probably spent most of our time in bars :D


After our lunch, we continued our city stroll and did some shopping in the pedestrian zone close to the ocean walk. Later in the day, we went to a restaurant close to our hotel to have a variation of tapas and some glasses of vino tinto. I really enjoy Spanish food and I love the small plates you usually get. It's cool because you can try so many different things in one meal and I'm always up for tasting new recipes and dishes. After we had finishes dinner, we were super tired and went back to the hotel to get some sleep. I didn't count how many kilometers we have been walking on this day, but I couldn't even feel my feet anymore as we arrived to our room :D