This is officially my last blogpost from Sri Lanka. So now I really need to except that this journey has come to an end... ahhh it's so hard! Only looking at the pictures of colorful sunsets and the breathtaking landscape makes me wanna drive straight to the airport and buy a ticket for the next flight to Colombo. But I don't want to complain all the time, so instead of moaning, let me tell you more about my last day in Sri Lanka. I had the best time during my stay at the surf camp and I couldn't really imagine it to get any better... and then I met Doro and Bine. They asked me if I wanted to join them on their trip to a tea plantation and a fruit safari in the Singhalese jungle. Of course I said yes and after our early morning surf class and the yoga session, we headed to a little train station in the middle of nowhere. Well, at least I had and still have no idea what the place was called (I'm so bad at this...). 



We took the train to ? which took us about 45 minutes and when we arrived, we got picked up by our driver who was doing the fruit safari. We drove to the house of his friend and the ride itself was already breathtaking. We drove along small streets through rice fields, forests and little farmer villages. This was a rather different side compared to the touristic cities I had seen so far on this trip and it was such a beautiful experience. I didn't take many photos, simply because I wanted to soak it all up and enjoy each moment to the fullest. The house of the local was quite big but still very simple. His profession was to produce little wooden elephant and Buddha statues and he also planted many fruit and vegetables in his backyard. And when I say backyard I'm actually talking about a little jungle behind and around his house. It was only the three of us and we all felt a bit like explorers :D


We ate fresh mango, guava and pineapples, scarped cinnamon from little trees, sucked on sugar beet, picked cashew nuts from a tree and so on. I ate so much "new" fruit, tasted so many herbs and spices and also learned a lot about farming during this tour. After out garden tour, the family invited us to show us their home. Those people were so incredibly friendly and you could really tell, that they didn't have any false intentions at all. After that, we drove to a rice field and learned even more about farming and the hard conditions due to the hot and dry weather. We moved on to a tea plantation where we did a little hike up on a hill to have tea and a piece of (mouthwatering good) chocolate cake. The guide showed us around the whole area and told us everything about the different tea and what each of them provides for your health. To me, this was very interesting since I'm a huge fan of any kind of health improving herbs and spices. After we had taken a closer look at the production in the factory, we still had some time left and decided to visit the Buddhistic temple where our tuk tuk used to pray. 



The temple was located in the middle of the jungle. Wild banana trees were growing in the frontward, monkey were sitting on the rooftop and it smelled like someone had sprayed tons of aqua di parma around because there were so many wild flowers gazing everywhere around us. The sun was just setting as we climbed up the hill to take a closer look at the temple and to visit the giant buddha statue inside of the very inconspicuous house you can see on one of the pictures. The house looked like trash from the outside, but oh my god, the inside was soooo incredibly beautiful! I've been to quite a lot religious places, and this temple was honestly just as breathtaking as the Vatikan or the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. The room was decked with beautiful light and dark blue mosaic and the most delicate and beautiful ceiling painting you can imagine. It was such an honor to get the chance to visit this place. Not many tourists get the chance to make such an experience.


After the sun had set, the monks asked us to have tea and to tell them more from our home. So we sat down and talked and I can't really find the right words to describe to you how special this felt. Doro, Bine and me were just fascinated by the words the monk told as and none of us was talking on our was back home to the surf camp. (By the way, we took the bus and this was hell of an experience as well :D) Back at the camp we sat down to have dinner with the others and told them about our day. After that, I quickly packed my bags for my flight the next morning, jumped under the shower and got ready for the pool party which was liiiiit. It all started with life music and a bonfire before it totally escalated into a total Bon Jovi head banging drinking session. Went home at four or five in the morning... stood up at eight. Noooot in the best mood for a long flight, but at least the hangover was worth it. xx