If you ever visit Sri Lanka, a ride on one if the old trains is a must. The trains don't even have doors or windows and are usually very crowded, but it's a super cool and incomparable experience. And besides that, a ticket for an almost 2 hour train ride coasts about 20 Cents .. I can't imagine a cheaper way of traveling :D We took a train from Kalutara South to Colombo in the morning, right after we had breakfast because we wanted to meat up with a friend there for lunch and a little shopping tour. When we arrived at the train station, there was already a crowd of Chinese tourists waiting for the train ride to begin. They did the the most touristic poses you can think of and we had so much fun watching them climbing on the train to get cool shots. Inside the train, the climate was even more humid and hotter and I was literally melting on our way to Colombo. During our ride, more and more local passengers and flying traders hopped on the train and even musicians started to play. In some wagons you could even see animals like goats or chicken being transported by some farmers... you can't really compare this journey to any other train ride :D