Days like these lead to... Nights like these lead to... Love like ours... You light the spark in my bonfire heart... Mhhhm, my bonfire heart lalala and so on. I've been having this catchy song for at least two days after our beautiful sunset bonfire at the beach. A friend of ours organized the whole thing and it turned out to be one of the most beautiful evenings of the whole stay in Sri Lanka. The weather was just perfect, even though the sky was a bit cloudy, but the temperatures were great for a night out. We sat down in the warm sand, had a few cans of beer and listened to the sound of crushing waves and burning wood. A few of us took a swim in the ocean while the sun was setting (sadly, I was still sick at this point and couldn't join them) while the rest of us remained seated or lying in the warm sand, talking about life and the most random stuff. It was my first beach bonfire ever and it could'd have been more perfect. Good company, cold drinks, and another breathtaking sunset. And thanks to everyone who made this night so special. xx