Spontaneous decisions often turn out to be the best decisions. Same goes for our little sunset hike to a temple in the jungle. A friend of mine and I were talking about the beautiful reef in front of our house when my surf teacher told us that there's a little buddhistic temple about 20 minutes away from our home and asked us if we wanted to join him on a walk in the evening. Of course we said yes. We started our little hiking tour at the beach in front of our house and made our way up to a little cliff where the path ended and we stood in front of a giant slope. Julia and I were both like "Dude, what the heck, how are supposed to get up there", but somehow, we all managed to climb up the hill. Well... I went up crawling on all fours and with scratches all over my feet, but I guess that's what you get from hiking barefoot. 



But all of these scratches and bruises were totally worth it. The view was insane and literally breathtaking. The only noise you could hear was the sound of crushing waves and birds singing in the trees. Absolutely no humans as far as the eye can see. The vibes were so peaceful... I rarely experienced something special and magnificent as this. We sat there for maybe half an hour, because it started to get darker and darker and we still had to climb down the hill (which was seriously so exhausting haha), but again... totally worth it. Back down at the beach, more and more hermit crabs were scrabbling on the sand. Unfortunately, it was already too dark to take pictures of them, but at least I shot a few cool photos on our first hiking tour. And believe me, the scenery looked just as pretty as it looks on the pictures. xx