Whoop Whoop, back at it with the more typical basic blogger kinda stuff and one of my favorite topics in life in general. Guess what.. FOOD. To be more specific, fancy, healthy, kale-infused-spirulina-extract kinda food. Sri Lanka has a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables to offer, but there are still only a plenty juice and salad bars. This island is not yet as super touristic as Bali etc., so you can't really expect to find these kind of restaurants when you come to visit Sri Lanka. Sure, you can eat very healthy when you're on vacation in this country, but the regional specialities are most of the time fried or contain a lot of gluten and unhealthy carbs. Super delicious, no doubt, but after a few weeks my body was really craving avocado salad and green juices kinda food . When I'm home in Germany, I eat this stuff nearly every day to support my immune system, so you can probably guess my level of excitement when I read the menu of "Poonie's Kitchen". I really take care about my nutrition (at least most of the time), so I was super happy when I found this incredibly cute little restaurant located in the old town of Galle. 



The food was very fresh, super delicious and rich. I decided to go for a rainbow salad, a freshly squeezed green juice (finally haha) and for a piece of the "world's best carrot cake". The latter was rather unhealthy, but OH MY GOD SO GOOD. I've honestly never had such a creamy and juice piece of cake, full of flavor and sweetness... still dreaming about this cake. Besides the tasty food, Poonie's is a very handsome location with a little pond, lots of trees and wild flowers growing everywhere, book shelves, comfortable chairs and benches and calming music playing in the background. So I decided to spend my afternoon in the shade of a tree, reading a book and drinking tea. After that, I went for a stroll and a little shopping tour through the city while I was waiting for two friends of mine.


They wanted to get a tattoo as it was their last day in Sri Lanka and they gladly managed to get an appointment in a tattoo shop this day, so I joined them and spent my afternoon in Galle. A very pretty town, built by the Dutch back in the 17th century. If you ever come to Sri Lanka, you should definitely visit this place. It's quite different compared to the other Singhalese cities and rather pretty. In the evening, I met back up with my friends who sadly didn't get their tattoos (Singhalese punctuality I guess.. :D) We went out for dinner in another cute restuaurant named "Pedlars Inn" where we ate Pizza, Rice & Curry and Brownies with ice cream, which I can highly recommend by the way... There goes my healthy nutrition haha. But who cares when you have great company, right? xx