Another nickname for Sri Lanka is "India light". I've never been to India and, to be honest, I'm not even sure if I ever want to go there after I have seen all of this poverty and pollution in Sri Lanka. I could't really capture it with my camera, but everyone who has ever been to this country knows exactly what I'm talking about. Garbage incineration next to the streets, rivers full of floating plastic bottles, beaches covered in waste. Due to poor education and a bad infrastructure a lot of people don't know how much they are poisoning their environment and just through their waste into the next creek because most of the time, a professional rubbish disposal doesn't exist. And of course most of the waste is created in the bigger cities, like Colombo, Galle or Kandy. Basically everywhere where you have a greater population. And Kalutara is one of these places.



I went there on a very hot afternoon and the whole city smelled like a mix of rotten fish and waste gas. It was probably one of the most smelly places I've ever been to. But of course you can't tell that by looking at the pictures. So the pictures actually turned out very well and you might get the delusion of a quite pretty Singhalese town. The colors in the city were very bright and intense; literally everything was somehow glowing. The fruit and vegetable stands, the road signs, the clothes in the stores and the uncountable bags filled with different spices and nuts. Still, we didn't stay long. On the one hand because of the unbearable heat, on the other hand because we were harassed by some locals. It was a bit uncomfortable, so we took a tuk tuk back to the hotel after only one hour. So maybe I didn't see that much, but at least I took some cool pictures to give you guys a little impression about my little trip to Kalutara. xx