Crocodiles, snakes, peacocks, cattle, lizards, probably hundreds of birds and - my personal favorite - so so many elephants! I even saw baby elephants suckling on their moms. In short, my trip to the Udawalawe National Park was a huge success. It was super spontaneously and I didn't really plan to go to any national park while I'm in Sri Lanka. But looking back at it now.. I'm so glad I took the chance to visit this very special and unique place. The reason why I went there was because I already met some nice people the day I arrived at the surfcamp and they asked me if I wanted to join them on their excursion the next day. I didn't have any plans for the upcoming days, so I said yes, even though a lot of people told  me not to go. Most of them have been to Yala National Park and had a bad experience there, but per usual... I wanted to make my own mind. So after breakfast, we started our little journey. We drove for almost 3 hours and it was super hot and humid this day, so I already felt tired and exhausted before the safari had started.  



On our way to the park, we stopped by a little bakery and grabbed some regional specialties like Roti and stuffed bread... it was super spicy and tasted so incredibly good! After a nap in the car, we soon arrived at the park and decided which jeep we wanted to take and immediately hopped on the car. At first I was a bit worried to end up doing a group safari with all the other cars waiting at the parking lot. But after a few minutes the convoy split up and each driver took a different route. After a little while, we spotted a young elephant feeding on a tree and more and more elephants appeared. In the afternoon, the weather got "worse", which was actually very good for us. It was still very warm, but a lot of animals were hiding from the sun and came out after more and more clouds provided a bit of shade. We saw crocodiles, birds, cattle, and even a huge cobra winding through a large puddle. The safari took more than 3 hours and after it was over, we we're all super happy and content about how the day turned out to be. But my highlight of the trip was definitely this freaking insane sunset. The sky was literally on fire and the whole landscape was covered in golden and red light. The view over the lake in the national park was simply breathtaking, especially because of the grazing elephants. This day was honestly one of the best of this whole journey. xx