Imagine waking up to the calming sound of crushing waves. Birds are singing in the background, and you are watching the first rays of sunlight shining through the window. Slowly, you'll stand up and walk to the kitchen to grab some fresh fruit and to make some tea or coffee. You grab your new book from the shelf and walk outside to lay down on the couch in your garden, only a stone's throw away from your private beach access. You start reading the first pages of your book and from time to time you look up at the ocean to see some turtles popping out of the turquoise water, right next to a few surfers, who are trying to catch some good waves. You feel the wind in your hair and on your cheeks and you start to taste the salt on your lips. Your two dogs just woke up and come to greet you, you lay your book aside and stroke them. Hermit crabs, squirrels and lizards begin to scuttle through the garden. The world around you is starting to wake up. You take one last sip of your tea and look up to the sky. Tropical birds are sitting in the palm trees and you know that it's time to get into your Lycra for a quick morning surf session before breakfast will be served. 



That was basically the life I was living for the last two weeks at the Drivethru Surfcamp here in Madiha, Sri Lanka. Of course it's sometimes a bit stressful to set your alarm for 5,30 to go out surfing at 6am, but it's totally worth it and you can sleep the rest of the day, if you feel like you need it. And pretty soon, you'll get used to it. My daily routine somehow looked like this. Wake up at 5.30am, take the Tuk Tuk to the beach at 6.00am, go out surfing till 8.00am. As soon as I got back home, I took a quick shower and rushed to the main house, where breakfast was served. After that, I usually washed my lycra and took a short nap or red a book. Then I changed into my yoga clothes and met the other surfers for lunch. After that, it was time for one hour of Yoga, When I was done with that, I rushed back home to my apartment to shower once again and to put my swimwear on, grab my surfboard and hopp on another Tuk Tuk to drive to a good surfing spot where I could practice a bit more. 



After two more hours of surfing I usually drove back home to take - surprise - another shower and then went out for dinner. After that, we often played cards, listened to music, drank beer in the pool cabana (the Singhalese beer actually tastes really good!) and just talked about random stuff. But as you can imagine, I was suuuuuuper tired at the end of each day and usually went to bed quite early, at around 10pm or something like that. On a more chilled day I usually skipped the second surf session and went for a beach walk or an ayurvedic massage at the Badora Spa down in Mirissa, which I can highyl recommend. The stuff is very friendly and they offer a wide choice of different massages - even one to relief surfer pain. And the coolest thing is that it almost feels like your getting massaged in the middle of the jungle and I fell asleep twice, so I guess it was quite relaxing. And after that I took my - not kidding - fourth shower of the day haha. But I can't help it, even without surfing I would for sure need them, simply because it's so freaking hot in the South of Sri Lanka. And the humid climate in general can be very exhausting, so it's good to have a little refreshment for your body a few more times a day. 



I was staying at the Beach House, which is like a 5 minute walk away from the actual surf camp where most of the guests lived. The camp consists of a main house, some cute little cabanas with outdoor showers built next to the pool and some more apartments in another, bigger house. It's a very spacious area and even though there were a lot of other surfers, you still had a lot of privacy. You'll find a pool and a bunch of hammocks in the backyard, close to a pool cabana with a large chill out area and a fire place. Right next to the jungle they've built a yoga cabana and I honestly never been to a yoga class in such a cool location. I actually saw a cobra while waiting there.. I mean it doesn't really get any cooler than this, right? Plus there's a super cute café next to the camp, called Coffee Point. They offer a wide range of fresh smoothies, iced coffee and super delicious cakes and snacks. And it's just THE perfect spot to hang out when you're to lazy to go out surfing. I always met people from the camp when I went there and we had a lot of fun. Well. I just had a great time in general and I'll definitely come back to Sri Lanka... hopefully soon! xx