Hey peeps! Sending out sunny greetings to you from Sri Lanka! I hope you are all doing well. So far my stay here has been quite amazing. There are palm trees on every corner, I have white sand under my feet and I hear the sound of crushing waves in the background every time I fall asleep. That's basically everything I need to have in my life to be the happiest person on this whole planet. And maybe good food, which I definitely get here in huge amounts everyday. Literally everything here tasted like heaven also far (especially the tropical fruit) and was super duper fresh! I can't wait to explore this beautiful island and to see more of Sri Lanka's culture and wildlife. Last week I had my first surf lesson and god damn, I've never felt such a soreness in my entire boy ever before. It's such a sophisticated form of sport and the chance to get injured is very high. So let's just hope I'll be just fine and won't get kissed by any sharks! :D





To make my stay even more pleasant, I've teamed up with WILD LOVE Swimwear, a bikini brand from southern Germany. They offer a wide range of bikinis, including a lot of different patterns and styles to fit your individual body typ. I told them which designs I like the best and they sent me the SENORA Bottom and the KALANI Top, both in black. I like to keep it simple, so that's why I went for a more minimalistic and effortless look. What I like most about this bikini are the little cut outs and the cute little ribbons on the back of the bikini top. And if you prefer more colorful bikinis, you'll definitely find a nice one as well. To give you a little preview of their products, I decided to do a little gallery containing all of my favorite looks. But don't forget to check out their website to find all of the other great swimwear products. Just keep in mind that summer will be back soon, so you better go buy your new bikini right now. And by the way, if you use the code "LEA15", you'll get 15% off! Happy shoppping, girls!xx


In collaboration with WILD LOVE Swimwear