Hello my loves! Back with a new look, I am now showing you one of the outfits I wore in Berlin a few weeks ago. I found this super cool baseball jacket at H&M and it was on sale for only 10€, so I didn't have to think about buying it for too long haha. I combined the jacket with a white blouse with navy blue details on it and a ripped skinny jeans in dark grey. Unfortunatley, it seems like my boots (bought them at Zara) are sold out, but I found similar ones that are defitnely just as fashaionable as the ones I have. To top it all of, I decided to go for a Fur Beanie and a black leather bag with chains on it, because I really like wearing the bag and the boots together in one outfit. When we were shooting the pictures it was reeeaaally cold and windy, so maybe I shoud have waited a few more weeks to wear this look, but I honestly cannot wait for spring to arrive (definitely in need of vitamin D!). I am already thinking about new outfits to shoot and blogposts I want to write for you. So let's just hope for warmer and sunny weather soon! xx




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