Cool, edgy, dirty. And very very loveable. That's what Berlin is to me. I can't really think of any other capital city in Europe that has the same vibes as Berlin. I definitely agree with people calling it the "New York City of Europe"... it kinda felt like getting back to NYC. At leat a little bit. You'll get inspired so easily by all the stylish people around you and the amazing streetart, which you will find on literlly every corner of the street. I've been there only for three days (well, this time), but I already felt so inpired and more open minded on my flight back home to Munich. We stayed at i31 Hotel in Berlin Mitte, one of the hippest areas in the whole city, filled with hipster coffee shops, killer vintage boutiques and so so many fancy little bars and cool restaurants. Life seems to uncomplicated in this city; it's in my opinion an oasis for young adults like me. And eventhough the weather was quite bad - most of the time it was drizzling and very windy - I still enjoyed strolling through the city, doing some window shopping and simply soaking in the surroundings. By the way, I was thinking about doing a little restaurant guide for you guys, so just hit me up in the comment section if you have interest. xx


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    Jecky (Donnerstag, 16 Februar 2017 23:58)

    Wow, du musst unbedingt dazu schreiben, wo was ist!! Ich M U S S zu dem Haus mit den pinken Vino/Cerveza Aufschriften!

    XX aus Nürnberg
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    Lea (Sonntag, 19 Februar 2017 22:22)

    Ja, das ist eine gute Idee! Ich kann dir leider keine genaue Adresse mehr nennen, aber es war auf jeden Fall in Mitte (: