Well, to be honest with you, it was fucking freezy when we went out to shoot pictures of this outfit. But if the weather forecast is right the cold and snowy temperatures will last for the next couple of weeks and I didn't want to wait any longer to show you this look. The key piece of this entire combination are these pants by Zara, which look like you went straight out of the gym back in the 80's. And I know, some people just don't get why fashion labels even produce or sell such trousers, but I think they look super edgy and I love them very much! They fit so well and it's so comfortable to wear them when you are used to squeezing yourself into ultra skinny jeans everyday. As I went for a pair of simple white sneakers by Adidas Originals and an oversized turtleneck sweater by H&M, I thought I needed something a little more chic. So I wore my Speedy 35 in by Louis Vuitton and my golden Parker watch by Michael Kors (which you can't really see but I thought I would mention it anyway). To finish my nerdy look, I put on some glasses, which I found online at the H&M men department. They are very similar to the Ray Ban glasses but obviously a lot cheaper, even though they look pretty much the same. I've been searching for such glasses literally everywhere and I'm so glad I finally found this pair, so if you were looking for the perfect nerd glasses; now you know where to find them. Will talk to you guys soon, have a nice week! xx




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