Lately, I'm totally into everything that has to do with interior and home decor. I always had a thing for stylish hotel lobbies, chic restaurants or even clothing stores with fancy and extravagant furniture. Ever since I was little, I was dreaming about creating my own perfectly furnished home and I honestly can't wait to move to my own apartment one day. Of course, the first own flat is probably miles away from my "dream home", but I still like the fact to be the chief designer of your own little space. To think about the different materials and patterns you want to use, which style of furniture to get, which frames and wallpapers to hang up, and even the scented candles you will choose to buy to create this special "home" scent... Can you guess my level of excitement? 


So until that, I'm stuck daydreaming about marvel sinks, navy blue velvet couches and white wooden floors. So this was probably not the last time you've heard me talking about interior and showing you my recently most liked home decoration pictures which I by the way found on We Hear It. But for now I gotta go get my stuff packed because I'm leaving for vacay at the end of this week. I literally can't wait to get out of here, not because I don't like my hometown or the life I have here, but because I feel like I need to experience something new. I really need a getaway every once in a while to clear my head and to take some time off to figure things out. Without any distractions, just some time for myself. The last couple of weeks have been super stressful and packed with tons of work. But - as always- there was also something very positive about this time. I've applied for the AMD in Munich and I got a commitment! 


I was SO happy when I red the email saying that I have passed the entrance examination successfully and I can't wait to finally go to university and study! I know, I know, the gap year was my decision, but after a while it felt like I was missing out on something. I am a very curious and diligent person, so working from 9 'til 5 without expanding my horizon by learning new things simply doesn't satisfy me. So during this time, the only possibilty to gain new knowledge was - and still is -to travel and to read more often. But since traveling is a bit difficult while (officially) having to work, I started reading tons of books again. (And by the way, if you have any books you can recommend, please tell me! I'm still on the hunt for good holiday reading.) I used to read a lot when I was little, I figure due to that I learn languages more easily than others and I always had very good grades in German at school. I saved all my pocket money just to go to the bookstore every month to buy myself a new book - no joking.. I guess I was always a bit of a weirdo when it comes to books... xx