Hey guys! Hope you are all having a Holly Jolly Christmas with a lot of great food, many presents and most importantly, a good time with your beloved ones. I spent Christmas eve with my parents, my sister and my grandparents who came to visit us. Now I'm heading to Nuremberg, my hometown, to see the rest of my family. So the X-Mas madness goes on and even though I really like Christmas, I'm glad when it's all over and we can finally go back to everyday life (otherwise I would quickly get used to receiving cute presents everyday and probably get fat because of all the yummy food). Anyways, I just wanted to give you all outfit details from my latest Instagram look, featuring my favorite sweater (I actually bought it in in three colors because I love the fit and the material so freaking much). And I totally fell in love with these Zara boots because they are so incredibly comfortable and simply look super edgy. I combined them with a lambskin jacket, a destroyed Zara jeans (link to a similar one) and a black crocodile leather imitated Zara bag and a pair of fishnet tights by Calzedonia. I think fishnet tights can look very cool, but you have to make sure you combine it the right way. For example, if you wear it with a short leather skirt, I would recommend to wear an oversized sweater with it to dress it all down a litte bit. So with that said, enjoy your winter holidays, you'll hear from me soon! xx




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