Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed Christmas timet to the fullest! I'm a total Christmas fan and I already bought all of my presents weeks ago when the temperatures were still summery and warm haha. To me, it's an even greater feeling to give presents than to receive them. I just love to sit down and think about what a person would like the most and to figure out which present I'm gonna get them. So if you have been looking for a perfect gift (obviously not for Christmas 2016), here we go. I teamed up with JORD, a label for luxury watches made out of sapphire glass mixed with different types of wood . The materials range from bamboo, maple, olive, koa and rosewood until golden camphor and sandalwood. And they have even more to offer. All products have a very high quality, are hand-crafted and can be personalized by engraving the watch box and sizing the watch right when you purchase it. The designs are very variously and there is definitely one for every taste. JORD stands for premium timepieces that are modeled after a modern and sustainable lifestyle. A very inspiring and suitable quote for describing the sprit of JORD can be found on their website: "The value of a watch is not being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time."



And that's what I totally agree with. I like the idea of a watch being a little reminder to enjoy every second of your life and to value all of the little moments, and not to count the minutes. So take a look at their website and get even more inspired by JORD's story. I also made a little gallery of my favorite watches from their men's shop and their women's shop. I am a huge fan of their simple and pure designs and I also love dark wood. The watch that I have chosen is called Frankie. This timepiece is made out of dark sandalwood and has a solid smoke face to create a subtlety of strength. The design is very minimalistic and elegant, underlined by it's ultra slim case powered by a Swiss movement.  And I also have a little surprise for you - gift cards for your next purchase! The value ranges from 25$ to 50$, but I only have a few cards left! So just text me, send me a mail or comment on my Instagram or down below this article and I'll send you one. But hurry up, the first ones will get the 50$ ones! And for those of you who aren't lucky enough to receive one of my gift cards, don't worry! JORD has an instant 25$ off gift code on their website, so just follow this link. And they also offer various products of watch care,  like a preserve cleaning oil and humidity packs which ensures optimal conditions when it comes to the storage of your watch. So happy shopping to everyone out there! I hope you will find your perfect timepiece now! See you soon. xx


With the friendly collaboration of Wood Watches by Jord

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