Fall season calls for long afternoon walks, chai latte and movie nights. And outfit shootings since the lightening is pretty awesome and the temperatures are still warm enough to wear less than a super thick winter coat, Uggs and a XXL scarf. So today I went out and took some pictures, featuring some of my all time favorite clothes. Black leather (or leather look-alike) pants, chunky black boots and my latest obsession, a black crocodile look-alike leather bag. I love the material and I've been wanting this bag for such a long time but unfortunately it was always sold out. But last week I finally found it back in stock and immediately bought it (and as you can tell I ended up buying a few more pieces...). The bag kind of reminds me of the Chanel Boy Bag or the Saint Laurent bags in crocodile embossed leather (at least a tiny little bit). I'm obsessed with both brands and hopefully one day I will finally own one. But let's be honest, life should't only be about buying or dreaming about expensive high end designer bags, when there are so many more meaningful things you could spend your money on. Especially when you are young. So for now I am very happy with this bag by Zara. The size is perfect for fitting your purse, keys and some make up into it. And the leather is also super soft and looks high-quality. So if you were looking for a perfect black bag for your everyday life that isn't super pricy but still fashionable, you should definitely take a closer look at it. xx




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    zhangtiantian (Donnerstag, 06 April 2017 05:50)

    "Combine with a necklace and <a href=""> lace white dress </a>makes me feel really good.The reunion went perfectly after that.Thanks for your article wise suggestions and I highly recommend you to try this dress out as well!"