I went out for a walk through the woods and thought the weather was perfect for taking some pictures of one of my recently favorite outfits. I saw this sweater-dress combo on a friend of mine and I really liked it, so I kind of had to do some shopping... Right? This look is very simple but still feminin and chic. For some people it might be a bit too short but I think you can also wear this outfit with some skinny blue or black jeans if that's more comfortable for you. And as winter is right around the corner, wearing thin tights like these might not always be a good idea. Anyways, I hope you guys are all doing well and enjoying your week! I had some days off where I mostly just relaxed at home and watched some episodes (or seasons...) on Netflix, read some books or went for a little hike with my dog. The landscape photos you find in this post were taken this morning, right after last night's snow had thawed. I really enjoy taking pictures of the landscape and nature in general, so I figured I'd show you some of them in this article, even though it's an outfit post. Hope you like it anyways! xx




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