As you probably have already noticed, I started doing more of these so called "mood boards". I always used to visit other blogs and websites and just went through all the pictures. To me, pictures and quotes are pretty much the two main sources when it comes to writing an article. So in the past I often felt like writing but didn't have the suitable pictures to complete my blogpost. And because of that I just let it be and didn't write at all. But as I want to write and post more frequently and I want to share my thoughts with you guys, I will be using pictures the ones you see in this post from websites like weheartit and use them to express my mood and to emphasize my emotions. I really enjoy looking at pictures and paintings, wether it's in a museum, in a magazine or on the internet. Both are a way of expressing feelings when you somehow don't find the right words to do so. It's not just about what you can see in the picture, it's about how the scenery, the expression on a face or simply the colors make you feel. And the same goes with music.


Sometimes words by themselves can't express what you feel deep down on the inside. You need that melody, that rhythm, that beat to feel understood and to demonstrate what's on your mind. "Where words fail, music speaks." by Hans C. Andersen is in my opinion the most accurate phrase for what I am trying to tell you. So why not share some of my favorite songs with you instead of only sharing my favorite quotes and writings with you like I'm already doing it all the time? Unfortunately I'm not on soundcloud (at least not at the moment), so I will list some of my favorite songs and maybe link them. Of course the songs I listen to change quite often, so I will give you a little "favorite songs" update from time to time. Hope you like them and maybe I'll give some of you a catchy song! Some of the songs I'll be showing you are all time favorites of mine, some of them are songs which I only listen to when I'm in the right mood and some of them are songs which are connected to certain memories and feelings. Sounds evident, right? I literally always listen to music. When I'm taking a shower, getting ready, cooking, cleaning, writing, doing yoga, in the car ... and so on. One of the presents my parents probably regret buying me the most is my Bose speaker (besides my smoothie blender haha). Catchword late night / early morning turn up. Sorry Mum. And sorry future husband. 


pictures found on weheartit

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