Nope, that's not my picture. I found it on Weheartit, I really liked it and I thought it would fit perfectly to the theme of this post: How to edit pictures on Instagram. Or at least how I edit my pictures on Instagram. Recently, a lot of people have been asking me which filters or apps I use, so why not do a blogpost about it. I'm only gonna answer how I edit the pictures I take with my iPhone, not the ones I take with my camera for my blog, because this would just take way too long to explain in detail. First of all, I don't use the same filter on every picture. Every picture is different, so it also needs to be edited differently. I always use the editing tools on Instagram and the ones in my iPhone photo gallery, simply because I think both offer so many good ways to work on your images.

I also love to use Snapseed, which is an app where you can edit parts of a picture separately. For example, to lighten up the background or to higher the contrast in some areas. For filters I like to use VSCO Cam. The free version already offers a huge range of different filters, but you can also buy even more. I like to use HB1 and HB2 the most, especially on pictures of the ocean or the sky, because it adds a cool grey touch to it. The last editing app I use is called Afterlight. Afterlight provides quite many “tumblr“ filters (the ones where your picture looks a bit faded or destroyed) and I really like to use the categories “dusty“ and “light leak“ for that. But the most important thing when it comes to taking a good picture is to have a good and natural light. No editing app can do that for you. So, that’s pretty much it! 


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