Hey Peeps, hope you're all doing well! Remember the week I went to London last easter holidays? Yes, it's been a while, but I was so busy getting my exams done that I didn't really had the chance to write a review on my trip. But now as school starts to get a little bit more relaxing again, I found time to finally upload some pictures and give you some impressions. It was not the first time I went to London and for sure not the last time. Even though the weather was, let's say - very british - I still liked it a lot. I think once you accept that you can't avoid getting a bit wet as soon as you step out the door, the rain is not a big deal. Especially when you spend most of your time shopping and strolling through all the shops and malls like Miss Selfridge, Harrods or Liberty London. My favorite one was definitely Harrods, a breathtaking and incomparable building and an absolute dream-coming-true moment for all shoe addicts. I mean girls ... there's a reason why they named the shoe department "shoe heaven". But of course, I didn't only travel to a city like London for doing nothing but shopping, I also wanted to visit some cool restaurants and quarters such as Notting Hill and Covent Garden. And obviously I also had to do some typical tourist-stuff like a sightseeing tour and visiting Big Ben. All in one I had a great time and a lot of beautiful experiences, I hope you like the pictures! xx


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