Lately, I'm totally into everything that has to do with interior and home decor. I always had a thing for stylish hotel lobbies, chic restaurants or even clothing stores with fancy and extravagant furniture. Ever since I was little, I was dreaming about creating my own perfectly furnished home and I honestly can't wait to move to my own apartment one day. Of course, the first own flat is probably miles away from my "dream home", but I still like the fact to be the chief designer of your own little space. To think about the different materials and patterns you want to use, which style of furniture to get, which frames and wallpapers to hang up, and even the scented candles you will choose to buy to create this special "home" scent... Can you guess my level of excitement? 


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Hello my loves! Back with a new look, I am now showing you one of the outfits I wore in Berlin a few weeks ago. I found this super cool baseball jacket at H&M and it was on sale for only 10€, so I didn't have to think about buying it for too long haha. I combined the jacket with a white blouse with navy blue details on it and a ripped skinny jeans in dark grey. Unfortunatley, it seems like my boots (bought them at Zara) are sold out, but I found similar ones that are defitnely just as fashaionable as the ones I have. To top it all of, I decided to go for a Fur Beanie and a black leather bag with chains on it, because I really like wearing the bag and the boots together in one outfit. When we were shooting the pictures it was reeeaaally cold and windy, so maybe I shoud have waited a few more weeks to wear this look, but I honestly cannot wait for spring to arrive (definitely in need of vitamin D!). I am already thinking about new outfits to shoot and blogposts I want to write for you. So let's just hope for warmer and sunny weather soon! xx


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Cool, edgy, dirty. And very very loveable. That's what Berlin is to me. I can't really think of any other capital city in Europe that has the same vibes as Berlin. I definitely agree with people calling it the "New York City of Europe"... it kinda felt like getting back to NYC. At leat a little bit. You'll get inspired so easily by all the stylish people around you and the amazing streetart, which you will find on literlly every corner of the street. I've been there only for three days (well, this time), but I already felt so inpired and more open minded on my flight back home to Munich. We stayed at i31 Hotel in Berlin Mitte, one of the hippest areas in the whole city, filled with hipster coffee shops, killer vintage boutiques and so so many fancy little bars and cool restaurants. Life seems to uncomplicated in this city; it's in my opinion an oasis for young adults like me. And eventhough the weather was quite bad - most of the time it was drizzling and very windy - I still enjoyed strolling through the city, doing some window shopping and simply soaking in the surroundings. By the way, I was thinking about doing a little restaurant guide for you guys, so just hit me up in the comment section if you have interest. xx


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Well, to be honest with you, it was fucking freezy when we went out to shoot pictures of this outfit. But if the weather forecast is right the cold and snowy temperatures will last for the next couple of weeks and I didn't want to wait any longer to show you this look. The key piece of this entire combination are these pants by Zara, which look like you went straight out of the gym back in the 80's. And I know, some people just don't get why fashion labels even produce or sell such trousers, but I think they look super edgy and I love them very much! They fit so well and it's so comfortable to wear them when you are used to squeezing yourself into ultra skinny jeans everyday. As I went for a pair of simple white sneakers by Adidas Originals and an oversized turtleneck sweater by H&M, I thought I needed something a little more chic. So I wore my Speedy 35 in by Louis Vuitton and my golden Parker watch by Michael Kors (which you can't really see but I thought I would mention it anyway). To finish my nerdy look, I put on some glasses, which I found online at the H&M men department. They are very similar to the Ray Ban glasses but obviously a lot cheaper, even though they look pretty much the same. I've been searching for such glasses literally everywhere and I'm so glad I finally found this pair, so if you were looking for the perfect nerd glasses; now you know where to find them. Will talk to you guys soon, have a nice week! xx


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Hey peeps! Here's a a new outfit post to add a little bit of color to this grey and snowy weather. I usually never wear any bright and strong colored clothes. Not because I don't like them, but because I normally don't feel very comfortable wearing them. With the exception of this sweater. I found it last week at a Zara store in Munich and I seriously HAD to buy it. The material is not the most pleasant one, but the fit is super cozy and perfectly oversized and I also love it's huge sleeves. I combined it with a skinny jeans by Zara, a shearling jacket by Asos (similar one here) and a pair of white sneakers by Adidas. For accessories I chose to go for a grey beanie with a huge pompom with pink and yellow details in it and a black leather bag, both by Zara. Hopefully winter will leave soon, so I can show you more summery outfits and not always winter jackets and beanies, I'm gradually getting tired of that. And I'm really craving warmth and sunshine and I am really looking forward to my next vacation and I'm already counting the days left. Can't wait to see palm trees and to soak in the sunshine, to hear the sound of crushing waves and to feel the sand underneath my feet. Summer, I'm waiting for you. 


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Hey guys! I'm finally feeling better and since I went to Nuremberg a few days ago for my cousins second birthday, I thought I'd show you the outfit I wore for it. We were actually celebrating two birthdays, the one of my sister turning 18 the week before and the one of my cuisine turning two this weekend. It was quite funny to celebrate together with all those mini family members and definitely not the usual "18th birthday bash" haha. For my outfit I decided to go for a quite similar jacket as the one I'ver showed you in my last outfit post, but I found this one by Zara (unfortunately it's sold out, but I found a similar on here) in their sale section and I really liked the fit of it (and you can never have enough clothes, right?). I combined it with a simple Vero Moda shirt with black and white stripes on it and golden creoles (similar ones here) by the same brand. To finish my look, I chose a black leather handbag by Michael Kors (similar one here) and black boots by Zara (similar ones here), both with golden details on them. First, I wasn't sure if I should go for a black miniskirt and tights or a pair of jeans, but because of the low temperatures I chose to go for a pair of skinny black jeans by AEO. See you soon! xx


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Good morning my loves! Hope you all had an amazing Christmas with your beloved ones! As I already mentioned in my last blogpost, I went to Nuremberg a few days ago to see my family and today I wanted to show you the outfit I wore for this festivity. I decided to go for a simple black dress by Zara (similar one here) and as always, I know... my black boots by Allsaints. For a little bit more glamour I chose to combine it with a dark blue fake fur jacket by Esprit (similar one here) and some huge and sparkling earrings, which I found at H&M last week. I totally love the design of them, maybe because they somehow remind me of one of my favorite movies "The Great Gatsby" and I feel a bit like a twenties lady haha. Furthermore, I wore a simple black Zara bag with a little silver feather embellishment on it to finish my look. Unfortunately I couldn't find it anymore on their website, so I think it's already sold out, but I found another one, which I also really like and in my opinion this one would also look great with the entire outfit. But for now, enjoy your winter holidays!


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Hey guys! Hope you are all having a Holly Jolly Christmas with a lot of great food, many presents and most importantly, a good time with your beloved ones. I spent Christmas eve with my parents, my sister and my grandparents who came to visit us. Now I'm heading to Nuremberg, my hometown, to see the rest of my family. So the X-Mas madness goes on and even though I really like Christmas, I'm glad when it's all over and we can finally go back to everyday life (otherwise I would quickly get used to receiving cute presents everyday and probably get fat because of all the yummy food). Anyways, I just wanted to give you all outfit details from my latest Instagram look, featuring my favorite sweater (I actually bought it in in three colors because I love the fit and the material so freaking much). And I totally fell in love with these Zara boots because they are so incredibly comfortable and simply look super edgy. I combined them with a lambskin jacket, a destroyed Zara jeans (link to a similar one) and a black crocodile leather imitated Zara bag and a pair of fishnet tights by Calzedonia. I think fishnet tights can look very cool, but you have to make sure you combine it the right way. For example, if you wear it with a short leather skirt, I would recommend to wear an oversized sweater with it to dress it all down a litte bit. So with that said, enjoy your winter holidays, you'll hear from me soon! xx


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Hey guys! Today I wanna show you a quite simple but very comfortable outfit that I wore a few days ago when the weather was freezing cold but super sunny at the same time. That's why I had to put on my Dior look-a-like sunglasses, which I found on amazon. They are very cheap and affordable compared to the original Dior So Real sunnies. I love the shape of them and I wear them nearly every time there's a little sunshine, so I'm thinking about investing in the Dior ones. And as I went for a walk with my dog as usual I had to wear a jacket which would keep me warm, so I ended up wearing my Woolrich Arctic Parka in Dark Navy. The design is very simple and when you walk through the pedestrian zone in Munich during winter time, nearly every second person is wearing such a jacket, but I still think it looks very cool and because of its great quality it's a good investment to make. To keep my feet warm I put on these lined black boots by Zara. They look very much like a mix of Moonboots and Inuikii and since I love chunky boots very much, these Zara ones were a perfect and cheap alternative. And I didn't really felt a difference to Ugg Boots or Moonboots, so they are defiantly a recommendation to buy! Furthermore, I wore a pair of black jeans, a striped shirt by Vero Moda and a black hat by NoaNoa.


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Here are some of my favorite songs and some quotes for those of you who need some late night inspiration. Good night, loves. xx


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