As I already told you in my recent post, I'm totally into chunky military boots. I just feel the most comfortable walking around with this kind of shoes. So it's no big surprise that I had to buy a black pilot jacket that goes perfectly with my new boots to complete my look. But to give this very simple style a little twist and a more feminine touch, I combined these two pieces with a cute floral dress. I love the pattern and the material is also super comfy, so for fall season it's just the perfect buy.  I didn't really know which bag to wear with it, think I might need to buy a new one soon haha! Right now I'm working on a new beauty blogpost for the girls, so stay tuned!


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Today's blogpost is going to be less personal than the last ones. It's more about my personal preferences when it comes to styling and a little bit of self-expression. A few months ago I first started wearing jewelry more often and not only for special occasions, but also with my everyday outfit. My style is very simple and tends to look a bit masculine, so I figured I wanted to dress it all up a little without adding extraordinary and super fancy clothes to my wardrobe (which I probably wouldn't wear anyway). I enjoy getting ready and dressing up for parties or a night out with friends, but in my daily grind I like it basic and I feel the most comfortable when I'm wearing my chunky boots and an oversized sweater. So I usually go for that. But since this kind of style tends to look a bit boring I began to add rings, watches or earrings. Nothing to special, but still a little eye catcher. On my last trip to Mexico I bought a bunch of silver jewelry and I can't go out without wearing some of them anymore! I got so used to the feeling of having a few rings on my hands and since my fingers are extremely skinny, I usually don't find my size in Germany. So I'm still looking for pretty rings in size 48 which neither coast a lot nor look like crab and if you have any tips or recommendations, please let me know. But until that I'm buying rings which I can wear on my middle or trigger finger, which I like to do as well. So here a some of my current faves by Christ, I hope you like them! And by the way,  the pictures you see above are all taken from Weheartit since my detail shots didn't turn out as well as I expected them to :D 


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Here we go again. No fashion post. No article about my favorite make up, nail polish or a fancy face mask. Nothing superficial. But something about life. Have you ever thought about how your life would have went, if you had taken just one single step differntely? If you’ve made another decision from the ones you’ve made? These questions circulate through my mind over and over again. Maybe it seems unnecessary to a lot of people, because what passed passed and it’s not gonna come back. No matter how much time you spend on thinking about it or how hard you wish for things to happen. But that’s not the point. I think when you think about what’s laying behind you, you take your upcoming chances and really overthink them before you decide which path you choose. And that is so extremely important. There are so many things in life, which I would have done differently, if I had only thought about them deep enough and to see that some chances don't come twice.

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It’s been a while, just like always. I really try to post more often, but then there are other things to do and I completely forget about blogging and letting you guys know what’s going on in my life. But as I found some time to do so, let me tell you a few things that have been on my mind recently. First of all, I decided that I wanna do more blogposts in English. I don’t know why, but somehow it’s easier for me to say things in English. At least sometimes. Like the personal stuff. I’m so bad at talking about my feelings or apologizing (if I ever apologize for something, you either really mean a lot to me or I honestly messed up). As I’m talking in German most of the time, these emotional things might also be connected to the german language and I don’t feel so insecure talking about them in English. Maybe. But maybe it’s also because I only read english articles on other blogs, english news or quotes, watch english videos and movies. I also read english books, sometimes it get’s a little hard to follow the line to be honest, but that’s a good way to improve my English skills. And that’s what I aim for. I’d looooove to live somewhere in the US, Australia or maybe even in London some day.


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Nope, that's not my picture. I found it on Weheartit, I really liked it and I thought it would fit perfectly to the theme of this post: How to edit pictures on Instagram. Or at least how I edit my pictures on Instagram. Recently, a lot of people have been asking me which filters or apps I use, so why not do a blogpost about it. I'm only gonna answer how I edit the pictures I take with my iPhone, not the ones I take with my camera for my blog, because this would just take way too long to explain in detail. First of all, I don't use the same filter on every picture. Every picture is different, so it also needs to be edited differently. I always use the editing tools on Instagram and the ones in my iPhone photo gallery, simply because I think both offer so many good ways to work on your images.

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Hey meine Lieben! Lange Zeit war es sehr ruhig auf meinem Blog, da ich entweder verreist war, arbeiten oder für mein Abitur lernen musste. Die Ergebnisse bekomme ich zwar erst in ein paar Wochen, doch ich habe schon jetzt endlich wieder Zeit und vor allem auch wieder mehr Lust mich um meinen Blog zu kümmern. In den letzten Monaten hat mir immer etwas die Motivation gefehlt, bestimmte Dinge anzupacken und mich aufzuraffen, meine Ziele und guten Vorsätze in die Tat umzusetzen. Immer waren andere Sachen vorrangig. Unterricht, Referate, Prüfungen vorzubereiten, arbeiten zu gehen. Ich hatte kaum einen Tag, um einfach mal runter zu kommen, ein Buch zu lesen oder mich bei einer Tasse Tee oder einem heißen Bad zu entspannen. Aber gerade solche Momente sind es, die einem in so einer stressigen Phase neue Kraft und Motivation schenken. Sich so zu vernachlässigen und sich nicht ab und zu mal Zeit für sich zu nehmen kann einen ganz schön aus dem Gleichgewicht bringen.


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Hey guys! It's been a rainy and cloudy weekend so far, but at least I could spend my time on a new blogpost for you. Today's post is about probably my all time favorite combination - blue & white. I always used to wear a lot of these colors as a child (and look a bit boyish of course) and I still think that you can never go wrong with it. It looks classy and a bit edgy and cool at the same time when you combine it with sneakers, for example. I really hope you like my outfit, have a nice day! (:

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Hey Peeps, hope you're all doing well! Remember the week I went to London last easter holidays? Yes, it's been a while,

but I was so busy getting my exams done that I didn't really had the chance to write a review on my trip. But now as school starts to get a little bit more relaxing again, I found time to finally upload some pictures and give you some impressions. It was not the first time I went to London and for sure not the last time. Even though the weather was, let's say - very british - I still liked it a lot. I think once you accept that you can't avoid getting a bit wet as soon as you step out the door, the rain is not a big deal. Especially when you spend most of your time shopping and strolling through all the shops and malls like Miss Selfridge,

Harrods or Liberty London. My favorite one was definitely Harrods, a breathtaking and incomparable building and an absolute dream-coming-true moment for all shoe addicts. I mean girls ... there's a reason why they named the shoe department "shoe heaven". But of course, I didn't only travel to a city like London for doing nothing but shopping, I also wanted to visit some cool restaurants and quarters such as Notting Hill and Covent Garden. And obviously I also had to do some typical tourist-stuff like a sightseeing tour and visiting Big Ben. All in one I had a great time and a lot of beautiful experiences, I hope you like the pictures!

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Hey guys, hope you're all doing well! Today I want to show you another spring look, all cozy and stylish at the same time.

I'm wearing a fake fur jacket, which I found at esprit, but unfortunately it's already sold out. That's why I created a small gallery with my favorite pieces from this year's spring/summer collection. They have so many beautiful pieces! I love how the jacket fits a little bit loose and even though it is very lightweight, it still keeps me warm. And though the weather is not getting any better,

I had to wear some sunnies anyway. I've been wanting this kind of shades for such a long time and now I finally found a dupe to the Dior So Real on amazon. Of course, the quality isn't comparable to the original one, but because I know that I will lose or get them scratched anyway, that's not a big problem. I really hope you like this look! Have a great day (:

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Hey guys! After a few days in cold and rainy Vienna I'm back home now - back to cold and rainy Germany. What a surprise.

I was hoping that spring would arrive earlier this year, but as I stood up today and looked outside of my window, the landscape

was fully covered in snow. WHY. Just WHY. But as complaining won't change anything about it, I headed to my blog to write this article and to show you my favorite jacket (at least for the moment :D). It was a valentines gift from my boyfriend and I totally fell in love with the design and the fabric! It is super cozy and I kinda feel like a sheep while wearing it. Because in my opinion the jacket itself draws enough attention to it, I decided to combine it with some simple black pieces and a cream colored pullover.

My sister borrowed me her Louis Vuitton vintage bag, which I think looks very stylish, modern and cool at the same time. Unfortunately, I didn't had the chance to take pictures of my recent trip to Austria, but I still have some images left from the winter holiday, which I will post in a few days. Anyway, I hope you're all having a great week! 

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